Are you on twitter?

Lot of people I know are really recommending twitter.  While I am still struggling to blog, I guess twitter is really not for me right now!

I wonder how my friends do it, blog, twitter, facebook. Isn’t all this stuff too time consuming?? What is the ROI?


Australian Design Biz

Have been trying to connect with some australian design businesses but no luck so far!
Should try out some forums soon. Does anyone know of any australian designing business forums.

Generally most forums are for individual designers. I am looking for one which is specifically for businesses that do web designing, and other things.

Snow… and more snow

The blizzard that shook daily life in Bristol! I am just being over dramatic it is true that it did hamper daily routine but I usually enjoy these unexpected breaks in work.

It gave me an oppurtunity to contemplate about life and the world!

How did your snowed in time go?

Last Week

Well last week was quite a bustle in office. One of our clients wanted a complete rehaul of her website colour theme and logo in a jiffy!

While Rhea who is my right hand person 😉 was on leave some issue with her bonny baby and her grandma not spending enough time.

Anyway so I sat alone working on this project on a priority. Well finally finished the project last night, and Rhea is back in office! So some time out for me.

First Post

Hi All!
Just decided that it is time to get onto the blogosphere!
I plan to keep this blog about my biz cause thats where all my time goes!

I started my designing business just a few years back after 10 odd years in a corporate world!
Challenges were many and a very different experience, it is now working well! Looking for newer things to do for it.